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Attacking Antibiotics on Imported, Farm-Raised Shrimp 
The United States has repeatedly found illegal antibiotics on farm-raised shrimp imports.  In response, consumer groups started to raise public awareness about potential dangers of shrimp.  U.S. shrimp fishermen, who harvest shrimp from their natural environment and do not use antibiotics, became concerned that consumers would be turned off of their products. 

The Southern Shrimp Alliance needed to ensure their product was distinguished from the problem.  By working with reporters and consumer groups, Cohesive Communications ensured that the coverage on CBS, PBS, and The Wall Street Journal, among others carefully limited the antibiotic problem to certain imported, farm-raised shrimp, and put forth U.S. shrimp as a healthy alternative.  The result:  Consumers concerned about adulterated shrimp are distinguishing U.S., wild-caught shrimp from imported, farm-raised shrimp.

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